My favorite Bible study tools

Steve Johnson
10 min readJul 24, 2021

If I were to list every study resource I have, just the print ones alone would take me a long time. So in the interest of time (mine and yours), I will select one from each category of my favorites.


For the first time, one Bible gathered together a library of wisdom and insight from 48 of Christianity’s leading experts on Bible prophecy, all under the direction of Dr. Tim LaHaye. Considered the culmination of his life’s work, Dr. LaHaye enlisted vital contributors such as John Ankerberg, Tony Evans, Chuck Smith, David Jeremiah, Zola Levitt, Erwin Lutzer, Josh McDowell, Adrian Rogers, and dozens more. Together these contributors created one of the most indispensable study Bibles for pastors, teachers, students, or anyone interested in what the Bible says about end-time prophecy. The Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible is as comprehensive as a study Bible should be. It features complete color overview charts, center-column references, timelines of biblical events, more than 70 articles related to Bible prophecy, book introductions, 84 charts and tables, a Bible concordance, textual notations on crucial passages about Bible prophecy, and much, much more.

I have learned more about Bible prophecy in five years under Dr. Tim LaHaye’s mentoring than in a lifetime of church and Sunday school — Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author of the Left Behind series.


Jerome H. Smith’s Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury is the most complete collection of Bible cross-references ever published. But, of course, the Bible is its own commentary. That’s why this particular one is so valuable. This resource contains over 900,000 Bible References, meticulously cross-linked from every verse in the Scriptures (more than any other resource, print or digital). In addition, it has thousands of specific notes on various Bible topics and Strong’s numbers. There is no other Bible study resource as complete as this that illuminates every verse in the Bible with insight directly from other passages. It links each verse directly to other Scriptures that shed light on any verse you start from. This tool allows Scripture to interpret scripture and lets the Bible explain itself. This new collection of cross-references enables anyone to study the Bible and dig as deeply into the Bible as desired. Simply start…

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